DECTRA is a project set up by a group of sports professionals in which their curiosity and unwavering urge to excel have become a reality. Our philosophy, rooted in the work put in on a daily basis, has positioned Dectra as one of the leading sports management companies in the world of sports.
We would define ourselves as agile and versatile when it comes to providing services for our clients, offering all kinds of sports coaching, from beginners to the highest competitive levels. Our main objectives are promoting sports activities and training youngsters using sports as a vehicle for their personal development.

The excellent results achieved at a National Level in Tennis is the result of the application of our METHODOLOGY, developed by a large group of top-level coaches. Our programmes coordinate both technical-tactical aspects, competition calendar planning and the day-to-day management of all the sports centres at all the sites. Jose Luis Aparisi, former professional player and coach to a number of top level ATP players; in addition to Guillermo García-López (23 ATP), Pablo Andujar (33 ATP), David Sánchez (42 ATP) and Cristina Torrens (27 WTA) and Dectra’s Sports Director. On the court working side by side with J.L. Aparisi, is Toni Gil, currently the managing director of Dectra G.D. who, for some years now, has been training and accompanying the players at all national and international tournaments, making him the reference point for players and parents in such an important stage in their training. Oscar Montañes and Borja Uribe (Daniel Gimeno and Mariana Duque’s coach) complete the coaching staff in the area of competitions. Having over 20 years of experience training tennis players and with an extensive curriculum as a coach at ATP and WTA levels, he shares management responsibilities with JL Aparisi and Toni Gil in the Competition Groups.

In the Paddle area, we have Kosky Torres, a coach with great experience in racket sports, in addition to Javier Sánchez who also has been one of the best players in the Valencian Community. He is currently one of the national competition coaches for youth categories (Team Manager for Minors of the Valencian Community), as well as in top level competitions, since he is currently a coach of Matias Nicoletti (Player on the World Paddle Tour) and Alex Arroyo and Edu Alonso (Paddle World Champions, Champions of Spain and one of the most promising doubles partnerships in Spain). He is also coaches Josete Rico and Víctor Ruíz at WPT events (doubles World Paddle Tour).

Furthermore, in the area of physical preparation DECTRA places management and supervision in the hands of Ricardo Miralles, who has been developing the evolutionary structure of our players in terms of their strength and conditioning.